Special Thanks


This photography campaign is for Natasha Murji’s Senior Multimedia Thesis at McMaster University.

Thesis Advisor:

Dr. David Harris Smith
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Special Thanks to:

Aliya Mohammed, Cyrus McEachern, David Besant, Chris McAllister, Greg Atkinson, Holleh Rahmati, Tony Hong, Farhang Ghajar, Rosemin Murji, Meaghan Niewland, Jackie Cooper, Hiba Heather Alkinani, Dharsy Sriranjan

Sturgeon Point Marina

Stars On Stage, Dance and Performing

Babylon Dance & Fitness

North Beach Volleyball

Banana for Kids Hair Salon

I would like commemorate your countless time and patience in bringing awareness about the importance of organ and tissue donation while saving lives and honouring those who unfortunately lost their lives while waiting.


Natasha Murji

Stars On Stage Dance & Performing Arts