Meet Me


Hi, I’m Natasha! As a child, I was suddenly diagnosed with chronic organ failure and my world turned a full 180°. I spent a good part of my early to mid teens growing up in the hospital through the course of my diagnosis, my eventual organ failure, a medical coma and the subsequent recovery period, during which I was on dialysis until I received a kidney transplant. Through this period I faced many challenges, especially learning to walk and talk again following my coma. I fought hard to get through school and worked my way to get into McMaster University. Following my heart, I challenged myself to develop my creativity and artistic skills in the Multimedia program while also majoring in Economics.

By being a part of the Eastern Ontario dragonboat team called Team Transplant, I’ve been fortunate to meet many recipients and live donors who have become a second family to me. In  2012, while working on an animation project, I came across Eva Markvoort’s campaign and was touched by her passion to spread awareness for organ and tissue donation through her artistic talents. In the summer of 2013, while out west for a French Immersion program called Explore, I came across Eva’s campaign again while looking at her ad as I was riding the bus. These pieces really spoke to my heart and inspired me to grow her legacy in Ontario while raising awareness through recipients in the Central Ontario Region. My network of many amazing organ recipients and donors, a desire to expand Eva’s campaign and my own passion for art led me to try and highlight some of the amazing things that organ transplant recipients have been able to accomplish in the aftermath of their transplants. The people represented here are only a small number of thousands of transplant recipients in Ontario and their own struggles and triumphs, and I hope that over time more recipients can be included here.

Through this thesis, I have gained new friendships and learned new things about my own friends.  I continue to be both awed and humbled by how strong these individuals have managed to stay through their hardships, and how much they have been able to achieve despite or because of them. These recipients are all inspirational and their heroes would be proud to know of their remarkable talents.

I want to thank you for taking the time to get to know the recipients and hear their stories while educating yourselves about the organ and tissue donation process. Just remember, a hero does not have to have super powers. They can be anyone – and when you register online remember:her0

heart- Natasha Murji