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Tick tock tick tock… the hand of the clock turns yet on another beat. Time can seem arbitrary but when weighted with value, it signifies the collection of important memories and goals to be made.

To realise the value of a YEAR, ask a person who is on the organ donor list awaiting a transplant.

To realise the value of a MONTH, ask a person who has just healed from the surgery for receiving a transplant.

To realise the value of a WEEK, ask the patient that receives dialysis treatment on a regular basis to clear the waste in their body as they await a kidney.

To realise the value of a DAY ask the patient who is hooked to an oxygen tank, trying to accomplish the simple tasks of life without having to sit down every five minutes, exhausted.

To realise the value of an HOUR, ask the family that waits as their loved ones are in surgery receiving their transplant.

To realise the value of a MINUTE ask the person who just received news that their life is in danger and they may not live another day without a transplant.

To realise the value of a SECOND, ask the family member who lost their loved one due to the shortage of organs in our country.


Health is invaluable. When a person’s overall wellness weakens, we start to realize the importance of the small things in life that we  take for granted. Currently in Ontario there are 1,500 individuals that are awaiting a transplant and every three days one of them dies.


In Canada, the organ donation registration system is by choice. Many individuals are willing to be donors but only a small percentage actually registers. The problem lies not in a lack of willing donors, but with the social norms that surround organ donation. Lack of education and awareness are factors that often are a key to help individuals make an informed decision.


With that in mind, I want to raise awareness about the importance of organ and tissue donation through showcasing transplant recipient stories, focusing particularly on their extraordinary achievements after their major surgery in this photo collection.cropped-logo7.png